Monday, August 20, 2012

Seattle: Caffe Umbria

Keith, Amy and I started our walking day in Pioneer Square under the mistaken impression that Elliot Bay Books was down there. (Boy, were we wrong.) When we found out that we had a hike ahead of us, we decided to fortify ourselves for the journey and stopped at Caffe Umbria. It's a huge, elegant space with both indoor and outdoor seating. It is newer and bigger than what one would find in Italy but does give a bit of a European vibe.
This is my croissant and Keith's coffee. My croissant was an outstanding specimen of the species: flaky, tender, and rich. I ordered a latte, which I loved. I found the roast to be rich but not too dark (I am not a big fan of very dark roasts). The foam was very artistic and had a nice, dense texture. Caffé Umbria on Urbanspoon

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