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Tucker: Greater Good BBQ

Greater Good is on Hugh Howell Road just past old downtown Tucker. It's in a very spacious building. The atmosphere is very open and light but also down to earth; this isn't a yuppie BBQ palace. The music is mostly '60s pop with a little country thrown in. The delivery sign for my table had Gen. Grant on it, an interesting choice given the commotion during his last visit to the Tucker area.

My brisket was excellent. It was very tender but with a nice, firm texture. The smoke was just right. I concentrated on the hot sauce. It sneaks up on you---most of the heat is in the back end giving you a nice long, medium-heat burn. The cole slaw was of the creamy variety and excellent, with a nice variety of ingredients. I also had a chance to try the beans, which had a wonderful soft, creamy texture.

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Ann Arbor MI: West End Grill

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