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Washington DC: Amsterdam Falafelshop

It's great to have a restaurant connection in a town. My Maryland friends scored again with Amsterdam Falafelshop in Adams Morgan. It's in an old brownstone. The shop has an Amsterdam vibe---youthful, not pretentious.

Ordering is easy---they only sell falafel and fries. ( The choices come in the huge condiments bar. This picture shows my falafel in front of a small part of the condiments. Pros know to smash their falafel at the start to make more room for condiments. You then load up as much as you want. Being the efficiency maven, I tried to cram things into the crevices of my meal, but I didn't succeed. The restaurant actually encourages you to go back for seconds and thirds on the fillings, providing you with little tiny cups that really hold quite enough.

The falafel was excellent and the condiments were outstanding. I can't remember all that I had, but they range all over the map in heat, taste, and texture. It really is fun to try little tastes of so many different dishes. The green stuff (yes, I'm an idiot) was surprisingly good.

Ankur couldn't resist fries which were outstanding: hot, crispy, fresh.

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