Saturday, September 1, 2012

Athens: Blind Pig Tavern

Don't ask me exactly where this place is, because I don't know, but after spending all day craving a burger, this looked like a good place to stop. It definitely caters to the college crowd and Georgia fans, as evidenced by the decor and the waitress' attire.

I went for the jerk burger with bleu cheese. I wasn't overwhelmed at first---the visuals, I think---but the taste got my attention. The beef had the right amount of fat to give that beefly flavor. The bleu cheese was perfectly melted to a creamy texture. The jerk flavor didn't appear until later; it gave a nice simmer to finish things off. You know it's a good burger when you don't want to drink anything so you can keep the taste in your mouth for a few minutes more.

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