Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ATL: Burgers BBQ and Brews

Burgers BBQ and Brews is in Hartsfield-Jackson's terminal C. It's located in the space formerly occupied by Pascal's sit-down restaurant (a place I will miss). The restaurant offers waitress service at tables. The room is spacious, unlike the walk-in closets that pass for sit-down restaurants at most airports. The service was very gracious.

My first chance to try it was at breakfast; I ordered biscuits and gravy. I could smell the smoke of the meat in the gravy as soon as my waitress set the plate down in front of me. It didn't disappoint. The gravy was a little thin but extrmely flavorful. The biscuits were very tender. They came with a choice of either hash browns or fruit. I consider the fruit option to be very progressive. The fruit was very good---big chunks of melon that were very freshly cut. Overall, a very good breakfast for any restaurant, airport or no.

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