Monday, September 3, 2012

Chamblee: Himalayas

I've eaten at Himalayas a number of times over the years. The Indian food situation in Atlanta is similar to my view of the Italian restaurants scene---initially disappointing but more rewarding after doing some searching. I have found Himalayas to be a very solid performer over the years. My friend Saibal ranks it as his favorite Indian restaurant in town.

The exterior is extremely bland but the interior is quite nicely decorated. The lighting is very low, which is good for intimate conversations but bad for taking photos of food. I've always found the service to be a little brusque but efficient. They serve a selection of beers and wines.

I've had the tandoori meats quite a few times, which I found to be very good. Tonight I went for the vegetarian combo. It was bigger than I had remembered---two full entree portions plus rice, naan, raita, papadum, chutneys, and dessert. For my entrees I had aloo mutter and vegetable korma. They offer several levels of spiciness. I asked for the hottest level, which is at nose-running on the Marilyn Heat Index, just below eyes-tearing. Both dishes were rich with creamy sauces and the heat didn't overpower the other tastes. Their naan is always fluffy and inviting. The onion chutney at the start of the meal was good and surprisingly spicy.

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