Saturday, September 29, 2012

Irvine CA: Cafe Bresserie

My Irvine friends took me to Cafe Bresserie during my recent visit. The restaurant is located in an office building near the airport. The outside is low-key but the inside is large and pretty opulent. We arrived early but by the time we left many couples were dancing to a band.

We kicked things off with a breasola, a very delicate dish that is a great way to introduce a meat-oriented meal. Our next course was salads. My caesar was fine but nothing special; my friends reported that the beet salad was outstanding.

My main course was a steak and white corn. The steak was excellent. The corn was very sweet and tender, almost like dessert.

The hit of the meal, however, was the chocolate souffle. It was perfect. The richness of the chocolate and raspberry didn't overwhelm the richness of the egg. It was fluffy and tender, not to mention beautiful.

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