Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tempe AZ: The Chuckbox

I've always loved the Chuckbox. I went to high school in Tempe and occasionally hung out at the ASU library. (I'm a nerd---what do you expect me to do?) I discovered the Chuckbox across the street from campus on one of those trips, probably on my way to the textbook store (I told you I'm a nerd). It hasn't changed at all and I still think it's great.

This is the Little One. The Big One is pretty big and their huge burger really is huge. One of the things that caught my eye way back when was the open charcoal grill that's right in front of you. You order your burger, you see the cook slap it onto the grill, you see the flames lick it into shape. They also have a fixings bar, something that was very popular int the '70s but is much less common now. Most of the new custom burger places put together the burger for you. I enjoy the opportunity to look, shop, and figure out what I want by what I see in front of me.

The onion rings, by the way, were perfect.

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