Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tempe AZ: The Dhaba

While wandering around Tempe, I happened across a small Indian strip mall. Its restaurant, the Dhaba, specializes in Punjabi food. I was very impressed with the food as well as the decor.

I ordered the vegetarian thali. It started with a diced vegetable salad with a sort-of-French salad dressing. I've never seen a salad like it in an Indian restaurant but it was a refreshing way to start. The thali itself had Punjab choli, a lentil dish, and dal. The choli was quite spicy. The chutneys that accompany the meal are much more flavorful than what one gets in a more mundane Indian restaurant. When I looked at the red sauce I suspected that it was pretty hot. I was right---it gave a beautiful burn that kept me coming back for more.

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