Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tucker: Enzo's Pizza

Enzo's has been on my "I should try that some time" list for awhile. I should have tried it sooner. This is a real neighborhood pizza place in the New York tradition (just with better decor). The service is traditional of the pizza places I'm familiar with from New Jersey: go to the counter, order what you want, they'll bring it to you.

My salad was excellent. As you can see, the lettuce was a rich green, not a pale light green from iceberg. It also featured two kinds of olives, tomatoes, and some cheese, all of which made a great flavor combination. The vinaigrette dressing was rich and thick with a good amount of tang.

This is two slices of Sicilian pizza, something that is hard to find in Atlanta but common up north. It's thick and bready and traditionally made in rectangular pans. Enzo's version is delicious. The mushrooms got my attention first. They are fresh and with that meaty, earthy taste that mushrooms should have but too often don't. The tomato sauce was the right combination of acid and sweetness. The bread was very soft and tender in the middle with crunch on the bottom. These are big slices---one is probably enough for most people.

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