Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bone Lick BBQ

Bone Lick is in the Apex apartment/shopping complex. I don't know why this neighborhood developed in the middle of a warehouse district, but it certainly has blossomed quickly. Bone Lick is an outpost of the P'Cheen empire. The decor is fairly high-key, with a selection of video games. The bar is right at the center of the restaurant. Unfortunately, I found the service to be confused and unattentive.

This is my half rack of ribs. The meat is very, very tender. But I found something a little lacking. I think it is the lack of smoke flavor in the meat. The meat was quite good but I'm not yet ready to put it into the pantheon.

The salad comes with a dressing that reminds me of Arthur Bryant's BBQ sauce. As interesting an idea as this is, I don't think it quite works for me on a salad. Not enough of the dressing sticks on the salad to give you a proper sense of the dressing's taste. The white bread is clearly custom made and has been grilled with a good helping of butter---very rich.

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