Sunday, December 30, 2012

College Park: Barbecue Kitchen

I finally had my opportunity to try Barbecue Kitchen. It's very close to ATL on Virginia Avenue which makes it a great place for a post-flight meal. This isn't fancy BBQ. It's a very nice, homey place with pretty much everything that one could want: good food, friendly service, and very reasonable prices.

Let's go around the plate. That's brisket in the center. If I had to complain, it was slightly dry, but overall it was very good and with a definite smoke taste. There's no question how this was cooked. The fried okra was pretty good. The rutabaga was excellent, perhaps just a little sweet and with a texture that combined softness with a little variety. The collard greens were just right. The cornmeal muffin was Mexican style with pieces of green and red pepper. The red peppers leave pleasant little hot spots on your tongue as you eat.

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