Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Des Moines: Spaghetti Works

I ducked into Spaghetti Works for a snack. It's in the old part of town. The high ceilings make for an open feeling. I found the service to be very friendly and helpful.

I had the soup and salad bar combination. Like many restaurants with all-you-can-eat options, they are somewhat careful about how much they will give you at a time. The salad bar is AYCA only for an extra charge. The plate is small by my standards, but admittedly I like my roughage. The salad itself was very fresh and crisp. The selectoin of crunch toppings was the biggest I've seen, including oyster crackers. I also tried their chili, which hit the spot. It was hearty but not overly heavy, with about as much meat as beans.

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