Monday, January 21, 2013

Sandy Springs: Canton Cooks

Canton Cooks is on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs. I stopped there for lunch. I didn't see the dinner menu, so I can't fully judge their offerings, but I would classify this as a solid, workmanlike Chinese restaurant.

I selected one of my go-to dishes, kung pao chicken. Overall, it was well prepared. I was particularly impressed by the mushrooms: fresh, not canned. That's a chicken wing on the plate, a novelty for Chinese lunch. The egg roll was crispy. The won ton soup that kicked things off had a flavorful broth, not one of those radioactive yellow concoctions.

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  1. On the inside front cover of the "dinner menu" is the authentic Chinese menu. That's what folks actually come here for. They do pretty decent American Chinese, but their wor sue duck is to die for.

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