Thursday, February 14, 2013

Scottsdale AZ: Los Olivos

Los Olivos in Old Town Scottsdale is my kind of place: family-run, great food, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The meal started out with chips and two salsas. The mild one had just a little zing while the hotter one wasn't over-the-top. For lunch, I tried the sour cream enchilada and blue corn tamale. The deep red sauce on the enchilada was full of flavor, as was the rest of the enchilada. I love tamales and I love blue corn. The tamale had great texture thanks to the corn. And I can only describe the flavor of blue corn as, well, blue. George Carlin asked "Where's the blue food, man?" Here it is...

Los Olivos Mexican Patio on Urbanspoon

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