Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tucker: Blue Ribbon Grill

I've eaten at Blue Ribbon Grill several times, but I hadn't been there lately. It's across the street from Northlake Mall. I went back recently on the way to the movies. In the past, I've had their ribeye, which I've always enjoyed. This is a classic bar restaurant but with steaks as well as the more traditional burgers and wings.

This time I tried the Cincinnati chili. The chili is served on penne pasta that was just-right al dente. The chili itself was rich and hearty. The fresh chopped onions on top were a nice touch. This was just what I was looking for---a taste of meat and protein without being too heavy. My waitress was very nice and helpful, an example of the consistently good service I've had there.

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  1. A nice article on Blue Ribbon Grill, I would like to have it once, I hope it tastes good