Monday, March 11, 2013

Carver's Country Cafe and Grocery

Carver's is nowhere near the country and I didn't see any groceries but they sure know their Southern cafeteria food. I found this spot by browsing Urbanspoon---the high rating caught my attention. I had driven past Carver's several times without noticing.

Isn't that a plate of Southern goodness? The turkey was slighly dry, as you would expect for a steam table, but the combination of the salty gravy and the sweet cornbread dressing made me remember why people like Southern home cooking. The collard greens had all the collard flavor you want without any bitterness. My favorite was the okra and tomato. I don't see this dish nearly as often as fried okra. The sweetness and tartness of the tomatoes makes a perfect complement to the okra; nothing was overcooked, all the original flavors were there.

It's always good to know the way to do things at places like this. At Carver's, you pay as you leave. The couple who owns the restaurant are at the cash register and are very nice to talk to.

Carver's Country Kitchen & Grocery on Urbanspoon

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