Sunday, March 10, 2013

Decatur: No. 246

This was my second trip to No. 246 in downtown Decatur. The crowd was casually dressed but clearly there for a food experience.

On my last trip, I started with a cheese sampler, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This time I had the beet salad. I recently decided that I really like beets, so I was glad to see this on the menu. It hit a lot of different flavor notes: pistachio, goat cheese, and most memorably the blood orange, which was a great offset to the salad.

This is my margherita pizza. The crust was outstanding, just thick enough and wonderfully chewy. The basil leaves contrasted very nicely with the cheese. It came garnished with just a few pepper flakes and a little bit of salt. Before this showed up, I had tried a few grains of salt from the table bowl, one at a time. They are big enough that you can grab one. The flavor was outstanding---I recommend this as a good way to try a salt. That flavor on the pizza accented the salty cheese.

Their desserts are small in size, which was perfect for me. My cheesecake was full of cheese, just as any proper cheesecake should be. The added hint of rosewater is something I don't recall tasting in a cheesecake before but it went wonderfully with the cheese.

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