Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dunwoody's: Maggiano's

Food choices at the major malls are at the ends of the spectrum: food court quick or meal-as-production. Maggiano's is at the high end of the mall food spectrum. The food is big, plentiful, and consistent. I am a little frustrated by their multi-tier maitre'd system---too many people, too much walkie-talkie chatter---but the service is always reliably friendly.

On this trip, I had chicken florentine. This dish was pleasantly light: grilled chicken drizzled with just enough of a very rich, thick balsamic vinegar; grilled vegetables on top; some toasted Italian bread on the bottom. The side dish was grilled asparagus. I really enjoyed this dish. It was satisfying without making me feel bloated. The flavor combinations were interesting and well-executed.

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