Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Decatur: The General Muir

Today was my day to try The General Muir across from NIH. It's an upscale deli---an interesting concept. Te menu is full of traditional deli items, some with a twist. The d├ęcor is bright and sunny, a far cry from the flouresent ambience of a New York deli like Katz's or the Stage. The service was a little reserved but efficient.

I tried the veggie Reuben, one of those deli-with-a-twist items. It has two kinds of cheese and sauerkraut. The role of the meat is played by sliced beets. It's a pretty inspired idea; the beets give a meaty taste and texture. The only drawback, and it was a minor one, was that the beets, being much more slippery than meat, kept sliding out of the sandwich.

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The General Muir

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