Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chamblee: Coco's Chinese Restaurant

Coco's is in the Vietnamese shopping center on Buford Highway. One set of signs in the window are written in English and feature the usual suspects for lunch specials; the other set is written in Chinese on a white board. They don't keep all the interesting food on for the Chinese menu, though. The English menu had plenty of options both in animals and body arts. Sadly, I wasn't in a very adventuresome mood today.

I started with hot and sour soup. It was good, with some nice grains of pepper.

My main dish was a hot pot tofu. I'm used to more primitive-style clay pots, but this one was pristine white. The tofu was cooked in a brown sauce with some ground pork and a few bitter green stems. The tofu itself was silky in texture but held together well. It was salty but not from soy sauce.

I was a little disappointed in the service. My soup and tofu came at the same time, then they forgot about me until I waved my hand for the check.

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