Monday, June 10, 2013

LGA: Crust

My last refueling stop on the way out of New York was Crust in LaGuardia's Delta terminal. This is one of those new-fangled airport restaurants run on iPads. Each table has an iPad that you use to order. You swipe your card on the card reader at your table. You can then play with the iPad while you wait for your order to arrive. I'm not totally crazy about this system: the screen gets very greasy; the ordering system makes you select your tip amount when you order, before you have seen the quality of service; when I tried to browse the featured Wall Street Journal site, I couldn't look at most of the articles without a subscription.

My dad designed equipment for those drive-in speaker ordering systems. He told me that the favorite pastime of customers was squeezing ketchup into the speaker. I wonder what the 21st century equivalent is?

The pizza, in airport terms, was quite good. The crust was crisp with a little bit of char, just as it should be. The sauce was nice and tomatoy. The basil leaves gave a nice flavor contrast. I wouldn't put this up against landside gourmet pizzas---the cheese was obviously grated, for example---but it certainly was a refreshing change from old fashioned airport food.

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