Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Porch at Schenley

I met my friends Sarah and Karen for a wonderful dinner at The Porch. It was a beautiful evening and the restaurant gives everyone plenty of windows to enjoy the view.

I didn't grab a photo of our cheese plate, but it was very good. I thought the bleu cheese was the star of the show. Karen and I opted for the roasted chicken. It was delicious, with a wonderful slightly crispy skin and succulent interior.

Sarah opted for the Porchetta, a pork belly wrapped around a pork chop. That's one big hunk of pig. Sarah was able to take quite a bit home. She reported it was excellent and it certainly looked juicy.

I finished up with their strawberry shortcake. I was disappointed with the squishy, non-fresh strawberries but the shortcake was excellent. They made a true scone-style shortcake biscuit, which is hard to find, and the pastry chef executed it perfectly.

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