Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Woodside Queens NY: La Adelita

A trip to New York led me to stay in Woodside, Queens, a (relatively) quiet part of New York. I wandered into La Adelita, located at a subway stop on the 7 line. The atmosphere was very pleasant, the service very friendly, and the food quite good.

I went for one of my standard dishes, mole enchiladas. As you can see, the presentation was very attractive. The plate was sizzling hot. The test, of course, is the sauce. Mole is supposed to be a oomplex sauce with perhaps two dozen ingredients. A lot of retaurants take shortcuts and end up with a simple sauce. La Adelita's version was complex, with multiple tastes running through my mouth. A bite of sauce starts with the spices and ends up with the heat of the pepper. The cheese perfectly modulated the heat of the sauce. I'm glad I stopped in.

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