Sunday, July 21, 2013

Berkeley CA: Chaat Cafe

I had lunch today at the Chaat Café on University Avenue. The restaurant seems tiny from the outside but is in fact deceptively large and airy. The chef works at the tandoori oven from behind a kitchen window. As seems to be commonplace in Berkeley, you order at the counter and then sit down. The service was very friendly.

This is my saag paneer dinner. As you can see, it was quite generous. The spinach in the paneer was soft and tender but not overly oily, unlike some paneers I've had. Likewise, the dal had some great spices in it, in contrast to the bland dals that one often finds. The vegetable mix was a mix of cauliflower and potato, all with a nice curry that gave good flavor without hiding the taste of the vegetables. I left very satisfied in both flavor and quantity.

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