Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Boston MA: Kashmir

I just had a wonderful dinner at Kashmir. It's located in a very nicely decorated lower-level space in Back Bay. The service was extremely gracious and helpful.

The meal started out with a complementary amuse boucheof lentil mushroom soup---very tasty.

This very attractive spread is a mixed vegetable korma and onion naan. I ordered the korma hot, a 3 out of 4 on their spiciness scale. That was a good choice, particularly for a cold evening. The heat grew on me as I ate, not overwhelming at first, but very spicy by the time I finished the meal, with a pleasant afterburn. The creaminess of the korma made a good counterpoint to the heat. The naan was wonderful. Naans can sometimes be heavy. Mine was light and fluffy; the garlic note was just right, strong enough to give a nice lingering garlic taste.

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