Friday, November 15, 2013

Chamblee: Old Brick Pit BBQ

Old Brick Pit BBQ has been on Peachtree in Chamblee for years. This is a classic BBQ place, not a yuppified upscale restaurant serving BBQ. The d├ęcor, though simple, has recently been upgraded with nice wood paneling. You order and pick up at the counter; you serve yourself tea from the big hugs behind the food line. I stopped by at lunchtime to find them doing land office business, but serving everyone very promptly and courteously.

I ordered the chicken, which was excellent. It was tender and succulent. The sauce is tomato vinegar with great spices. The creamy cole slaw was also excellent. They serve classic white bread. I would prefer cornbread but given the tastiness of the chicken I won't complain.

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Old Brick Pit

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