Monday, December 2, 2013

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Star Provisions 2 Go

The Westside is such a target-rich environment for food that I don't often get as far as Star Provisions. But this was my day to head to the 2 Go side of Star Provisions. I've eaten there on several occasions with great success. And don't worry, they won't chase you out if you try to eat on premises.

I went against my usual instincts to try an outstanding tart. The two most obvious tastes, in my opinion, were the egg center and the crust. The egg filling was wonderfully light and fluffy (something I've never managed in my own tarts). The filling also included button mushrooms and two kinds of cheese, both of which were good but subtle. The crust was a truly outstanding contrast to the filling, rich and flaky.

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Star Provisions

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