Friday, January 31, 2014

Meat Week at The Smoke RIng


Grant of Marie Let's Eat! alerted me to Meat Week, a week-long BBQ-hopping event. I managed to make the Friday night get-together at The Smoke Ring. While I was there, I met Tracy, captain of Atlanta Meat Week and one of the founders. She explained that Meat Week is really about community and fun. I certainly enjoyed myself: I was able to see some of my old blogger friends like Grant and Marie, meet new bloggers, and meet some of you civilians, too.


By the way, this is what food bloggers look like when their food arrives. We always have to take pictures of the food as long as it arrives.

I ordered a combo plate with baby back ribs and brisket. The baby backs were good, the brisket was great, with a nice smoky flavor and tender but firm texture. I tried several sauces, my favorite of which was the mustard-based sauce. It isn't on the table by default, so be sure to ask for it. The grainy mustard is paired with a wonderful vinegar to make a sauce that goes particularly well with beef. My side, crispy brussel sprouts with maple syrup, was truly amazing. The flavor of the brussel sprouts came through and was perfectly modulated by the sweetness of the maple syrup. The cornbread was very good.

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The Smoke Ring

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