Monday, February 3, 2014

Pittsburgh: Primanti Brothers

Primanti's is a Pittsburgh classic; I visited the Oakmont location. They specialize in working man's food: big food you can eat fast. Primanti's solution to this perennial problem was to put everything, including the fries, in the sandwich.

My friend Phil Koopman joined me. As you can see, our sandwiches are huge. I expected this to be a fun, messy treat. I was pleasantly amazed at how good my sandwich was. I think there are two reasons why Primanti's stands well above the standard greasy spoon restaurant. First, they use high quality ingredients. The very fresh Italian bread and the very fresh, tasty fries stood out. Second, they didn't coat those ingredients in glop. The sandwich has no mayonnaise or oil dressing. The resulting clean taste makes the meat, fries, salad, and bread really stand out.

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