Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Palm Springs CA: Happy Sushi Robata

I have now had two very pleasant experiences at Happy Sushi Robata. It's located at the back of one of the buildings along the mall. The food was good and the service was outstanding.

My first visit was a rush job. I sat down at the sushi bar and explained to the sushi chef that I had only a few minutes to eat. He explained what options were fast and what options weren't. Rolls, it seems, are among the slower sushi options. I made my choices and a few minutes later I had a nice, tasty plate of sushi. The fish was very fresh and well prepared.

For my second visit, I joined my friends Linda and Steve for a more leisurely lunch. I had been thinking about noodles for days, so I went with a bowl of ramen. The broth was rich but rather subtly flavored with what I assume was tofu. The noodles were a satisfying treat. The service was once again very courteous and helpful. Linda and Steve enjoyed their lunches, too.

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