Thursday, July 17, 2014

Eating Around Georgia Tech: Le Petit Cafe AKA Coffee Snob

Coffee Snob, or Le Petit Cafe, is located in the IBB Building in Georgia Tech's bio quad. They are very well known for their hand-pulled coffees. They also have an excellent selection of foods for breakfast and lunch. They have both light, vegetarian options as well as heartier fare. Many of their dishes have wonderful spices that give great flavor without being too intrusive for more sensitive palates.

My usual drug of choice is the veggie pat tie; they also have meat versions available. The filling has an excellent curry flavor. The size of the patty is just right for a quick snack.

This little ditty gave me a morning boost the other day. That's a banana topping on top of nice, pillowy bread.

Today for lunch, I tried the veggie burrito. Its combination of great savory spices with creamy avocado was a wonderful combination.

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