Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Denver: Buckhorn Exchange

The Buckhorn Exchange is a touristy but fun reminder of old Denver. It was founded 120 years ago by one of Buffalo Bill's scouts. As you might guess, they specialize in meat: beef, buffalo, as well as several types of game. And to add to the carnivore buzz, the place is jam-packed with stuffed animals.

All the meals come with a salad and bread. They were fine, nothing special. But the salad isn't why you come here.

I thought about ordering a mix of buffalo and beef but decided to keep things simple and stick with the beef tenderloin. The meat was very well trimmed, leaving me only a very small piece of fat to deal with. I'm not sure where they source their beef, but it has a stronger, beefier flavor than standard grocery store meat. I ordered mine with Saratoga potatoes, the old fashioned name for homemade French fries. The Saratogas were very crispy and delicious.

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