Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marietta: Marietta Diner

Marietta Diner is on Cobb Parkway. Unfortunately, that large sign across the front of the building doesn't face the highway, so it won't be as easy to spot as you may think. The space inside is large, bustling, and comfortable.

Every meal starts out with a basket of fresh bread and a sample of spanakopita. I ordered chicken marsala for my dinner. The presentation was more what you would expect from a Greek diner, with a slightly heavier sauce and a good dose of nutmeg. The chicken itself hit the spot.

But I was disappointed to make a quick trip to the restroom just after ordering and coming back to discover that my table, including my drink and appetizer, had been cleared. This isn't the sort of thing that makes diners feel welcome.

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Marietta Diner

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