Sunday, November 2, 2014

Des Moines: Jethro's BBQ n Bacon Bacon

Mom and I decided to try Jethro's new breakfast location. It's located just off the Interstate in West Des Moines. The room has plenty of light, more so than Jethro's original location near Drake, but still has plenty of video screens for sports that are easy to see.

Mom ordered the chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes with bacon. She really enjoyed the chocolate chips and appreciated that they were the miniature variety. But I think she prefers straight chocolate chips to the cookie dough. As a supreme cookie baker, she doesn't find the raw dough taste appealing.

I ordered biscuits with bacon gravy and eggs. The gravy was superb, with lots of smoky flavor and great texture. The serving was so big that I couldn't finish it---that plate is the size of a medium pizza.

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