Sunday, December 14, 2014

Chamblee: Lan Zhou Noodles

I stopped by the China Town Food Court for a quick, satisfying meal. I haven't been there in awhile; they seem to have added several new restaurants and perhaps even freshened up the decor a bit.

I walked in the door convinced that I was going to order dan dan noodles but one glance at the ma po tofu swayed me. I was very satsifed with my order. The combination of soft, silky tofu, hot sauce, and bits of savory pork are a winning combination. Lan Zhou did an excellent job with it. The tofu was cut into small pieces, giving me some good practice with my chopstick skills but also allowing the flavors to soak thoroughly into the tofu.

Since it says noodles on the sign, I guess I should go back and try those dan dan noodles...

Lan Zhou Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Lan Zhou Restaurant

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