Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fayetteville GA: Chick Fil A Truett's Luau

I couldn't help but stop to check out this exercise in brand extension when I saw it from the road. It's an outpost of Chick Fil A but with its own quasi-Hawaiian theme. (Even the menu freely admits that the alligators, though fun, aren't Hawaiian.) It includes a drive-in, a take-out location (including an outdoor seating area with a waterfall), and a full sit-down restaurant.

This restaurant takes its fun seriously. The maitre d' greeted me at the front while playing a ukelele. The staff will also pass around ukeleles for patrons to play, something a lot of kids clearly enjoyed.

I ordered a garden salad with chicken. The dressing was a fruit vinaigrette that was tasty and not too heavy. The chicken had a nice bit of char on it for texture and flavor. The service was slow but the waitress was very apologetic.

I have to admit that this restaurant achieves its goal of fun atmosphere and interesting, reasonably priced food. It's definitely a restaurant that understands families.

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