Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tucson AZ: Biscuits Country Cafe

I can understand why so many people like Biscuits: great food and homey, welcoming atmosphere. The decor has a touch of country with the peg toys on each table. The service was very attentive and courtous. The wait staff was great and the owner made the rounds to check on everyone.

This is my veggie omlette with grits and biscuits. The omlette was chock full of great vegetables---mushrooms, peppers---that add a savory taste to the eggs. The grits were perfectly cooked, with just a bit of tooth.

The biscuits did not disappoint. They were soft and flaky and the gravy was perfect. Making gravy that is creamy without becoming wallpaper paste requires both patience and freshness. This gravy was perfectly executed and very fresh. Wonderful stuff.

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