Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lawrenceville: Bolton's BBQ

Bolton's is a small roadside establishment near Tribble Mill Park. In an age when BBQ has been taken over by yuppies like me, I am pleased to see that places like this still survive---no-nonsense, good BBQ.

A smoker and a half cord of very nice looking firewood graces the small parking area. Inside, this is a general store catering to fishermen. Refrigerators full of bait take up more floor space than does the BBQ. The owner made my BBQ pork sandwich for me by scooping two large spoonfuls of pulled pork out of the steamer and heaping them onto my bun. She asked "hot or mild," I replied hot.

Unfortunately, my cellphone camera failed me at the moment of truth. But I can report that the sandwich was as good as it was sloppy. The meat was tender and very porky. The sauce buzzed my lips but nothing more---no show-off, death-defying hot sauce here. This was a truly satisfying meal and I will make it a regular stop on my trips to the park.

Update: here is my wonderful pork sandwich from my latest visit.

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Bolton's BBQ

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