Saturday, March 21, 2015

Buford: Praise the Lard BBQ

I just had an outstanding meal at Praise the Lard BBQ. It's located next to a church. I had to ask---the pastor and pitmaster know each other but the restaurant and church aren't formally related. The menu does, however, mix biblical references ("Do not call unclean what the Lord has made clean") and pro wrestling references.

I ordered the burnt ends, which were superb. You won't need extra sauce. They come slathered in just the right amount of sauce to make them perfectly juicy. The meat is very beefy and smoky---this is a very flavorful cut. The carrot souffle is out of this world. It combines sweet, rich, and carrot-y tastes in perfect proportion. I ordered the spicy version of the cucumber salad, which was crisp but tender; the acidity perfectly balanced the carrot souffle. I also got a chance to try the baked beans, which was an excellent combination of dark and light red beans.

Service was superb. The owner made the rounds repeatedly. At one point he checked on my order and made sure it arrived.

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Praise the Lard BBQ

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