Friday, March 27, 2015

Cafe Bombay

Kudos to Moin, who suggested that I try Cafe Bombay. I hadn't been in a half-dozen years. I'm glad that I made it back. The decor is elegant, the service attentive, and the food is very good.

I started with some very fresh, crispy papadum. The mint sauce had a bit of heat to it, something that I didn't expect but very much enjoyed.

My main course was the 3-dish edition of the vegetarian thali (that's the Blue Plate Special for all you Southerners out there). I ordered two cheese dishes and chickpea dish, all of which were very good. The tomato sauce on the cheese stood out the most thanks to its bright acid note balanced against a bit of cream. The rice pudding had a definite taste of milk, which I really liked, and it wasn't overly sweet, something that I also appreciated. The naan were fresh and had a great soft texture.

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Cafe Bombay

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