Saturday, March 14, 2015

Denver: Highland Tap and Burger

I had a very enjoyable dinner at HTP. The place was very busy but I was seated right away. I was very impressed with the service: first, the hostess explained that the waiter would be delayed for a few minutes because they had just seated several tables; then, not too many minutes later, the waiter came over, apologized for the wait, and took my order.

This is my Shroom Luvas with Emmenthaler cheese and white truffle aioli. Everything about the burger was very good. The meat had a nice char on the outside and a pink, juicy medium center. I'm a big fan of Emmenthaler and it went very well with the burger. The bun was well rounded and full of flavor.

My salad was a nice complement, a very leafy, fresh dish. I had the tahini salad dressing which was subtle but gave a nice sesame flavor.

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