Monday, March 30, 2015

Washington DC: Poste

Poste is the in-house restaurant at Hotel Monaco. I wasn't entirely happy with my first experience there but my subsequent experience was very satisfying.

At my first visit, I walked in and asked for a table. I was told that they had very few spots because of brunch reservations but was offered a seat at a small bar table. I pointed out to the hostess that for a hotel guest, being required to make reservations for breakfast was a little unusual. I ordered oatmeal for my breakfast and specified some extra items. When it arrived, I found that not only had those items been put into the oatmeal, but cream had been as well. I certainly think that I am capable of adding my own cream to my oatmeal, but the oatmeal was also very thin and soupy. I asked for a new bowl without the cream to try to get something with a thicker consistency. My next bowl didn't have cream but was still thin and runny. Watery oatmeal is usually a sign of making a pot of oatmeal last for a long time. In some circumstances I wouldn't be so picky about oatmeal, but when the bowl is priced at $11 I think that some amount of care is proper.

The next morning, I ordered an omlette, which turned out to be wonderfully fluffy and eggy. I couldn't have asked for a better breafast.

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