Thursday, May 7, 2015


Several of us went across the highway to celebrate the end of the semester and the beautiful spring weather. Ribalta is just off Peachtree and its sign is fairly inconspicuous. The space itself has lots of light. The service was in the Italian spirit---friendly and easy-going.

The meal started off with some bread from the wood-fired oven, light and with a good, dark crust.

I ordered the buffalo mozzarella pizza. Although you can't tell from the photo, it's pretty darn big for an individual pizza. I would classify the crust as in the Italian style rather than the New York style. Pizza crusts in Italy are often extremely thin; New York crusts are just a little thicker to balance the crunchy and chewy textures. Ribalta's crust was extremely thin and very flavorful. It soaked up the sauce and cheese very nicely, making it a little softer.

Hyesoon let me try her panini. It had the same great crust as the pizza. The artichokes on top gave a distinct but sublet flavor. I suspect that the taste of the artichokes would have been a little lost on a pizza with red sauce but here they were perfect.

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