Friday, June 5, 2015

College Park: The Pecan

Hyesoon and I had a very enjoyable dinner at The Pecan in College Park. It's in a storefront on Main Street that has been restored with an elegant interior. The service was very courteous and prompt without being the least bit pushy.

We started with fried wontons stuffed with shrimp, among other things. A bit of remoulade sauce was on top. This was a very rich and very enjoyable way to start our meal.

The bread basket had a two types of bread in mini-muffin form. I tasted the cornbread with pecans, which was just right.

I ordered oven roasted chicken, an update to the classic dish. I think that it had a pecan crust on it; the texture was very different from a standard flour crust and worked very well. The chicken was served on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes with some fried sweet potato strings and perfectly cooked green beans.

Hyesoon ordered the salmon. It was very moist and with great salmon flavor. It also came on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes with sweet potato strings on top.

We finished off the dinner with a superb piece of pecan pie. The pie was full of pecans---none of that little layer of pecans stuff here---and they were clearly very fresh with superb flavor.

The Pecan

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