Wednesday, June 24, 2015

LAX: Mr. Marcel at Farmer's Market at LAX

LAX is, unfortunately, a third world experience. (In fact, I found New Delhi's airport to be more pleasant than LAX.) There is, however, one exception: the Farmer's Market at LAX Terminal 5. It features several vendors from the market plus some take-out. The excellent food compensates for a fair amount of exhaustion.

A particular favorite is Mr. Marcel. They stock an excellent selection of cheese-centric sandwiches and breakfasts. Today, I ordered the European sampler cheese plate for my flight. The presentation suffered a little from the jostling around the airport but the food was still excellent. The plate featured seven types of cheese, olives, little tiny pickles, marmalade, and mustard; a generous bag of sliced baguette accompanied the plate. I ate it slowly in my middle seat, savoring every bite. It almost made the flight worthwhile...

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