Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Los Angeles: Aroma Cafe

My friends Miodrag and Nada treated me to a wonderful dinner at Aroma Cafe, one of their regular spots. It's located a few block south of Pico Boulevard, not too far from UCLA. The atmosphere is pretty and casual, befitting LA. They also stock a small selection of Eastern European groceries. I must say that this was my first experience with Bosnian cuisine...

I started with a shopska salad, the Bosnian equivalent of a Greek mother's salad. It consists of feta cheese sprinkles, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and bell pepper. Everything about it was refreshing.

For my main course, I ordered what Nada and Miodrag always order, the cevapi. The sausages are beef; they announced themselves with a great, beefy aroma. The bread is slightly crispy on the outside and full of holes on the inside. Nada tells me that the batter is thin. The combination is a very nice change, with the bread's texture giving this sandwich a special spin.

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