Thursday, July 23, 2015

Amana IA: Ronnenburg Restaurant

We had an outstanding meal at the Ronnenburg Restaurant in Amana. The restaurant is located in one of the old communal dining halls from the early days of the colony. The decor is low-key but very nice. The service was extremely warm and helpful.

The meal started with bread for everyone; my meal also came with an excellent creamy cole slaw. This plate shows the white bread. We also were served rye bread, which was everyone's favorite.

I ordered sauerbraten, a dish that isn't easy to find in the U. S. but is very popular in Germany. The meat was tender very flavorful. The sauce had just a bit of sour that was a wonderful touch. The sauerkraut on the side was superb. The green beans were also excellent.

I ordered a piece of rhubarb pie. The filling was outstanding and the crust was among the best I've ever had. Mom ordered the five-berry pie, which was amazing.

Ronnenburg Restaurant

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