Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Decatur: Madras Mantra

I enjoyed my lunch at Madras Mantra in Decatur. Their mall is in the middle of a big construction project but their side is clear and fully functioning.

The space has been fully redecorated. As you can see, the style is modern with a very strong color palette.

Lunch is a buffet. This is my first plate; I also sampled a couple of other dishes. I loved their style of DIY dosa, complete with several possible fillings. The food was pleasantly but not strongly spiced, definitely not hot.

For dessert, I had a little yogurt rice. It wasn't overly sweet, which I liked, and had a bit of a green leafy herb to give it a wonderful twist. That's the sort of thing that I wouldn't think of but I enjoy when I find it.

Madras Mantra

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