Friday, July 24, 2015

Des Moines: Patton's Restaurant

Patton's has received national attention, including Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, for two very good reasons: superb food and outstanding atmosphere.

We visited for lunch, which was served as a buffet. Everything on my plate was so good that I hesitate to pick out a favorite. The catfish was tender and sweet with a perfect cornmeal crust. The rice and beans (with pork, of course) was superb with a good kick of spice. The mac and cheese was creamy with a nice crunchy garnish. The corn was simple but very sweet. The cornbread was moist and rich like a cake. I didn't grab a piece of the red velvet waffle, which together with the catfish made an interesting spin on chicken and waffles.

The hospitality at the restaurant is very Southern---Mrs. Patton is from Columbus, Georgia. They understand sweet and unsweet tea, very Southern concepts. Although we were there on a Friday, the atmosphere was Sunday brunch, with people visiting with each other all the time. We had a very nice conversation with the people sitting next to us. When I mentioned this to Mrs. Patton, she said "We do that on purpose. You can't come here without talking to someone." She is a gifted chef and a wonderful hostess.

Pattons Restaurant

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